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Bay Park

Observations are the most important part of any manoeuvre!


I have created a quick animation of the manoeuvre if you want to download it here. or view it below on youtube.


Line up positioning the car so that your head lines up with the line on the farthest side of bay number 1. We are going to go into bay 3.  Remember to look around before reversing as the car will swing out


Reverse back slowly steering the wheel to the right at the same speed as the car is moving and guide the right rear post (above the rear wheel) into bay number 3. How much you steer depends on the speed of the car and is also affected by small differences in start position but try to keep the car heading into the bay.


Keeping looking around throughout and check the left mirror to ensure that you can see the line on the left side of the bay when the left side of the car starts to go into the bay (you can turn the mirror down if ithelps with this but ensure the car is stationary or do it at the start f the manoeuvre)


If you can't see the line on the other side of the bay, stop and go forward maintaining effective observation throughout until you can see the lines of bay 3 on each side of the car.


When you can then see both lines, stop, look around, and reverse again ensuring the car is centred in the bay as much as possible.  You can also straighten the car up when pulling forward to make this easier


To do the manoeuvre to the other side, we have to rely on the left hand mirror a bit more as we can't see the bay so easily but all round observations are important so don't forget to keep looking around all the time