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Car Control

Emergency Stop

The emergency stop takes a short while to master and often only needs one or two attempts.  Nothing to worry about.

Gears and Adverse Weather

How to use the gears in different weather conditions can often cause confusion.  I have tried to summarise this here

Does Coasting Save Fuel?

Many people believe that coasting saves fuel but I don't believe this is the case.

What is ABS?

This article describes what ABS is and why we mustn't just rely on it without thinking ahead.

How to drive round a corner!

Driving round a corner is an easy task is it not?  Why do we all get it wrong?

About the Test Car Control Other Road Users Markings and Signs General Advice

Using the handbrake

Using the handbrake helps.  It doesn't take longer and doesn't waste time.

Dealing with speed bumps

This article explains how we should deal with speed bumps and the two basic types