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Turning at crossroads can be more difficult than T-junctions because we may have a car doing the same as you from the opposite direction.


Turning into a minor road

If we are on the main road and going ahead or turning left, then nothing is different from a T-Junction but if we are turning right, then not only do we have to give way to oncoming vehicles but we have to be aware they may also be turning right.  This leads normally to a nearside to nearside turn - see image right.  (nearside is the left side of your car.)  An offside to offside turn is sometimes necessary however depending on the layout of the crossroads and can improve visibility.  The downside with this is that it often causes problems when more than one car is waiting to turn right - see image right.


Emerging at crossroads

All the same routines apply on the approach as they would to a T-junction but again, we have to be aware that a vehicle may be approaching from the opposite minor road.  If this is the case then vehicle that is turning right will give priority to the vehicle that is going ahead or left.  If both vehicles are going right then there is no priority and proceed when safe (in this case its often best to let the other car go first and then proceed after - remember if he flashes you to go to still check the main road for traffic to ensure its safe)


Traffic Lights

All traffic lights do is change which road is the main road.  Be careful however that if we enter the junction on a green light, we must be able to finish.  If there is not enough room to clear the pedestrian area and make yourself visible in the junction, then it may be best to wait behind the stop line until you have space.


Unmarked Crossroads

These have no markings at all and therefore no priority is given to any vehicle as we can't determine the main road or the minor road.  The width or relative width of the roads means nothing!  We must approach slowly ensuring that is safe to proceed and always assume the other driver is going to go or isn't aware that there is no priority


Yellow Box Junctions

Don't get confused with yellow boxes - read this

TurnRightLights StaggeredCrossroads TurnRightLights2 TurnRightCrossroads UnmarkedXrds

Images below are from Google Earth