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Dual Carriageways

Remember that a dual carriageway is simply a road that has a central reservation in the middle separating the traffic.


When joining a dual carriageway to turn left from a T-junction, remember that, just like a roundabout, you have to give way to all lanes coming from the right - you can't emerge into the left lane if traffic is in the right lane.  There may be exceptions to this such as when traffic is queueing


When you are turning right you can only proceed to the central reservation if it is wide enough to protect your car.  Otherwise you must ensure that it is clear both ways before proceeding


When joining from a slip road, remember that we must know the speed limit on the road we are joining and assess the speed of the traffic on the main carriageway so that we can merge safely.  Me must signal to right to indicate we are joining and use the centre and right mirror to assess what is behind you on thye slip road and on the carriageway.  Be prepared to adjust your speed to merge and remember that other traffic on the main carriageway has priority.  The traffic may change into the right lane or adjust their speed to help you join.  If you see a suitable space to join, be confident as being too hesitant or cautious can cause just as many problem as being to wreckless.  Try not to look behind you as you will take your eyes off the road.  If you need a look to the right, make it a quick sideways glance as directed in the driving manual to ensure there is nothing immediately to your right you may have missed.


When leaving, signal your intention and try not to slow down on the main carriageway if possible.  Exit in the left lane of the slip road and change to right lane using MSPSL if you intend to turn right at the end of the slip road.  It is possible to exit into the righ hand lane of the slip road but you must make adequate observations to ensure that no other vehicle is exiting on your right into that lane.  You will need to adjust your speed a little earlier than you may think as you might be going faster than you think - use your speedometer to ensure your are slowing enough and change down gear when your have slowed down - don't coast to a stop by pressing the clutch early and not changing gear.

Images below are from Google Earth

NarrowCentralReserve DualCarriagewayJoin DualCarriagewayExit