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Driving lessons in Paisley and Glasgow

Your First Lesson

If its going to be your first ever driving lesson, being a little bit nervous is natural.  Try not to worry as we will get some practice somewhere quiet where we are not going to cause any problems for others.  We also spend some time ensuring that you are familiar and comfortable with all the controls before moving off and stopping and we will take the lesson at your pace.  And yes, we will drive the car on our first lesson and it will be fine! (at least it has been so far!).   I have had a number of pupils think the first lesson will be a chat in a car park and then I drive you home!  Remember that the car has dual controls and there will be no danger to yourself or others so don’t lose any sleep over it.  You’ll enjoy it so try to have fun but please call me anytime with any worries or additional concerns that you may have!


If you have driven before, then I will need to assess your driving to see what stage you are at and what still needs to be done.  Don’t worry as I will not just plonk you in the drivers seat and expect you to drive off (unless you want to!) .  Try to be honest about your abilities before we decide on our plan as this will help me to assess your actual ability and what level of instruction you require rather than trying to impress me.  I just want you to drive as normally as possible as you have done before, whether that is with a previous instructor, parents or friends or in another country.  Also remember that it is a different car and it will take time to adjust so be patient with yourself too.


Please remember to bring your driving licence with you and if you have any questions or worries before your lesson, call me – don’t just sit worrying about it.


You must bring your driving licence with you.


Call me if you have any concerns or worries

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