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Please use this menu to read articles that I have written which address issues that often come up on lessons which are perhaps not highlighted enough on other websites or books

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Bus Lanes - A bus lane a bus stop are two different things and yet sometimes cause problems as we panic when we see a bus stop.

Bus Lanes - The Sequel - Can we ever enter a bus lane?  Not sure if anyone has given me a straight answer on this.

Box Junctions - Turning right in a box junction often causes confusion but the rule is quite straightforward

Dealing with speed bumps - This article explains how we should deal with speed bumps and the two basic types

Does Coasting Save Fuel? - Many people believe that coasting saves fuel but I don't believe this is the case.

Driving Test Nerves - Driving test nerves are one of the major causes of problems and faults on the driving test.

Driving Test Notes - Guidance and advice for your test.

Emergency Stop - The emergency stop takes a short while to master and often only needs one or two attempts.

Emergency Vehicles - Do we need to panic when we hear a siren?  Remember to keep and calm and help the emergency vehicle.

Examiner Instructions - Notes on how the examiner will instruct you but it should be exactly the same as during your lesson

Experienced Drivers on Test - If you have been driving on another licence or have to resit and have been driving with a full licence.

Flashing Headlights - Flashing headlights is something that all learner drivers seem desperate to do after they pass.

Gears and Adverse Weather - How to use the gears in different weather conditions can often cause confusion.

How To Deal With Potholes - Potholes are everywhere and account for a great deal of damage to wheels and tyres.

How to drive round a corner! - Driving round a corner is an easy task is it not?  Why do we all get it wrong?

Independent Driving - Independent driving shouldn't cause any concern and remember that going the wrong way is not a problem.

Lane Changing and Indication - Most people indicate as a request to change lanes but this can cause problems.

Missing Road Markings - Missing road markings are common in the Glasgow and Paisley area and we need to leanr how to deal with them

Overtaking Cyclists - Overtaking cyclists is the one area that seems to cause fear and dread when learning but it shouldn't.

Show Me Tell Me - "Show Me Tell Me" shouldn't be such a worry.  It really doesn't have a major effect on the outcome of the test.

Speed On Approach - Speed on approach is sometimes misunderstood but can make the drive smooth and professional.

Taking The Safe Option - Taking the safe option can make the difference between exiting a roundabout safely or in bits.

Tar Banding - Tar banding can cause errors with road position if we think it is marking a lane.

Using the handbrake - Using the handbrake helps.  It doesn't take longer and doesn't waste time.

Using Mirrors - Using mirrors is more than just Mirror Signal Manoeuvre.  It can really help you to plan ahead

Warning Signs Cost Money - Warning signs on the approach to a hazard - they cost money.  Why would the council pay if it didn't need to?

What is ABS? - This article describes what ABS is and why we mustn't just rely on it without thinking ahead.