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Driving lessons in Paisley and Glasgow


The following images come from Google Earth from Paisley and Glasgow areas.  Using this and google streetview can allow you to look at junctions or roundabouts from your PC and you can often help with understanding without revisiting many times on a lesson!




The image right is the junction at the Watermill in Paisley.  Look at the lanes and follow them through.  If you ever have a choice of lanes, take the left one to make it easier after you exit the junction as you will finish in the left.

Look at the next juncion on the right in Paisley.  Notice that when you approach from the road on the left of the picture, there is quite a distance after the stop line so be sure that you can complete the manoeuvre before you cross.  Sometimes other vehicles may be blocking your exit or the junction.  Remember that an amber light means you must stop if it is safe to do so!

In the junctions below, note that the road markings determine priority and it may not be where you think.  Don't forget that “road ahead” does not mean “a straight line”.

Watermill 2 Causeyside Street Penilee M8/Arkleston junction at Renfrew view on google maps view on google maps view on google maps view on google maps