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Left Reverse

Observations are the most important part of any manoeuvre!


This manoeuvre requires keeping the car moving slowly and being very vigilant for other road users!  Never try to rush it.


Always look at the corner on the way past and check how long(wide) or short(sharp) it is and assess the road you are about to turn into.  Don’t stop too close to the kerb as this will only make it more difficult to steer round the corner.


It’s also ok to turn your left mirror down to help you see the kerb  as visibility is poor out the back window but remember that the mirror is only to allow you to judge where the kerb is – not to help you steer round the corner or to see where you are going!


Reverse back until you reach the corner and then stop.  This allows you to check all around and remember to check the blindspot as the car will swing out.


Turn as much as necessary to reverse into the side road.  A long or wide corner will only need a half or three-quarter turn of the wheel and a short or sharp corner will require much more (probably full left lock).  This is only a start remember – adjustments will have to be made.


Throughout the reverse, continue  to look around for other road users and be prepared to stop.  If someone comes from the street you are reversing into, you may have to pull forward.  He may quickly go past however and in these situations it is sometimes best to remain stationary.


Keep looking backwards to guide the car around with quick glances in the mirror if need be to check the kerb.  When the car looks like it  is parallel with the road you have reversed into, ensure the wheel is straight and continue for some distance or until asked to stop.  Make any small adjustments (10 o’clock to 2 o’clock) necessary to ensure you are close enough to the kerb and parallel but don’t try to park it!


Don't forget to secure the car when finished and put the mirror back up before moving off.