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I have described the maneuvres here and this is based on requests from pupils and I have my reservations about doing this as manoeuvres require thought and judgement and can't be learned like a method.  The most important aspects of any manoeuvre are observations, and not simply the car control.  Any mistakes with car control can be corrected during the manoeuvre as long as it is SAFE to do so!  Look around and remember your blind spots!


So, observations are the most important part of any manoeuvre.  So where, when and why?


The answer to these questions should be common sense.  We are looking around in order to ensure that we don’t adversely affect anyone else.  It’s as simple as that.  Don’t try to over-complicate the observations by trying to remember when to look where for each manoeuvre.  Just try to ensure that if there are any other road users around, that you see them before they get anywhere near you.  If visibility in a certain direction is poor for example, look there more often.  (This is where some of you will fear the ninja! If that means nothing to you, don’t worry about it!).


Remember to look where you are going and don’t use the mirrors to do this, look in that direction.  This will help steering too.


One observation that is often missed is the blindspot check before the vehicle swings out when reversing round a corner or parking.  This is to ensure that we don’t swing out unexpectedly into someone who is passing.  This is very important and missing this check is serious

Turn in the road Left reverse Reverse Park Bay Park