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Markings and Signs

Box Junctions

Turning right in a box junction often causes confusion but the rule is quite straightforward

Tar Banding

Tar banding can cause errors with road position if we think it is marking a lane.

Bus Lanes

A bus lane a bus stop are two different things and yet sometimes cause fails on tests as we panic when we see a bus stop.

Bus Lanes - The Sequel

Can we ever enter a bus lane?  Not sure if anyone has given me a straight answer on this.

Warning Signs Cost Money

Warning signs on the approach to a hazard - they cost money.  Why would the council pay if it didn't need to?

Missing Road Markings

Missing road markings are common in the Glasgow and Paisley area and we need to learn how to deal with them

How To Deal With Potholes

Potholes are everywhere and account for a great deal of damage to wheels and tyres. How should we deal with them?

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