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Meet Situations and Clearance

Meet situations are where we refer to situations involving oncoming vehicles going in the opposite direction from you and where there may be a judgement to be made on who has priority to proceed first.  This is usually resolved by deciding which side of the road the obstacle is that is causing the problem.  If it is on your side of the road, then you should give priority to the oncoming vehicle.


The problem arises when the situation is not as straightforward.  For example, if there are hazards on both sides of the road.  In this situation it is best to give priority to the other vehicle unless he holds back to alllow you to proceed.  Should this be the case remember to proceed with caution.


Clearance refers to the distance we leave between ourselves and other vehicles, either to the side or in front.  We should always leave enough room between ourselves and the vehicle in front to be able to stop should the vehicle in front stop suddenly and unexpectedly.  This is usually 2 secs in dry condition and more depending on weather.  We also need to ensure that we leave enough room between ourselves and the car in front if we are in a queue to be able to pull out and go around the car in front should he break down.


Clearance to the side often causes problems on driving lessons.  The closer we need to get to parked cars for example, the slower we need to go.  It may be that we need to pass wihin 2 inches of a parked car but we mustn't do this at 30mph!  Remember that we need to be aware of children emerging between parked cars or car doors opening as we are passing.


As a last thought, remember that there are meet situations where we have priority yet have to be courteous to allow the oncoming vehicle to have space where perhaps they have already committed to pass the parked cars on their side.  We have to maximise our clearance and allow them to do the same  See the image to the right as an example.

Images below from Google Earth

clearance2 clearance