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Moving off and Stopping

Remember the MSPSL routing - mirrors, signal, position, speed, look


To move off

Ensure 1st gear is selected and find the biting point.

Check the mirrors and blindspot to ensure that it is safe to move off.

If an indication would help someone, give it.

If all OK, release the handbrake and gently bring the clutch up - This will start the car moving forwards as the clutch connects the engine to the gears and wheels.

Bringing the clutch all the way up will move the car forward at the lowest comfortable speed for first gear

Pressing the gas pedal will cause the car to accelerate and lifting the gas will allow it to slow down again.

Remember to check the mirrors again after you have pulled away to reassess the situation.

When you are comfortable with the clutch, you can try setting the gas.  This is when we press the gas pedal before we find the biting point and as the clutch comes up, the gas pedal goes down.  This allows the car to pull forward quicker but still under the control of the clutch.  Its important howver to ensure that your clutch control is good before you start using the gas as this may compensate for poor clutch control and will come back to haunt you later.  Good clutch control can make a lot of difference to confidence


To stop

After checking the mirrors and signalling if necessary, lift off the gas and gently press the brake pedal to slow the car down.

Start to move over to the kerb after the car has slowed down.

Before you stop, press the clutch to dosconnect the engine from the wheels and gears to stop the car stalling or juddering when it goes too slow

After stopping, apply the handbrake and double check that you have stopped in a safe place

Secure the car by selecting neutral and release the brake and clutch.

With auto start/stop, the engine may turn off but rememer to turn it off with the key if you will be stopped for some time.