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One-way Systems

These are not complicated yet cause a great deal of problems on test.  One of the reasons is not seeing the one-way sign when entering the street.  If we don't know we're in a one-way street how can we deal with it correctly?


If we are turning right at the end of a one-way street, we have to position right.  This means traffic turning left can continue unobstructed and also confirms our signal.  It may also be impossible to turn right from the left lane if someone else appeared alongside on the right!  Also look for signs informing you if the street you are turning into is still one-way


When in a one way system it is also important to remember that cars may be passing you on both sides so it is important to remember to use all your mirrors and expect traffic to change lanes from both sides. Watch for lane markings and take care when changing lanes.  If in doubt, follow the lane you are in until you are sure it is safe to change.

Images below are from Google Earth

OneWayExit1 OnwWayExit2 OneWayEntrance