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Reverse Park (parallel)

Observations are the most important part of any manoeuvre!


Normally, when we reverse park it is between two cars and we usually drive past the space, signalling if necessary and stopping just beyond the car in front of our space.  This is not possible on test and so other factors have to be considered too.


The examiner will ask you to pull up on the left before the car to be used.  He/she will then instruct you to carry out the manoeuvre.  Remember that you will be pulling out into the road to immediately stop so care has to be taken as this is unpredictable and may cause confusion.  For this reason ensure where possible that you can pull out and stop safely.  If visibility is reduced or the traffic is heavy, be prepared to signal left after pulling out to indicate you intend to stop.


The left mirror can be tilted downward to help see the kerb if required or preferred but remember that it must not be used to steer or guide the car as this will result in you not seeing other road users.


After pulling out alongside the car (just slightly past and a few feet to the right), stop and select reverse, signalling if necessary.


Reverse up until the back of your car is level with the back of the other car (if it is facing the wrong way, then the front of the other car!).  Stop and make all round observations, including a blind spot check as the front of the car will swing out.  Then, given that there is no car behind to use as a reference, simply turn the wheel about a half turn to the left and allow the car to move slowly into the space, keeping a look out for other road users and be prepared to stop.


When the back wheel is near the kerb (use the mirror as a guide here), turn briskly to the right.  (It might help to stop first to ensure the car’s speed is kept in check.  Then move back slowly whilst turning quickly to the right).  If you haven’t reversed back far enough, then correct the steering as required or be prepared to stop and pull forward.  This is also true if you feel you are going to hit the kerb.  Corrections are acceptable but please remember to check all around before pulling forward and try to finish so that you can safely pull out of the space when the manoeuvre is complete.