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The following images come from Google Earth and the links to that roundabout are underneath.  Using this and google streetview can allow you to look at junctions or roundabouts from your PC and you can often help with understanding without revisiting many times on a lesson!  Remember I have posted videos on youtube

This is the image of the Spiral roundabout at Braehead in Glasgow (near Shieldhall Test Centre).  Many drivers make mistakes here by crossing into other lanes.  Follow the dots out onto the roundabout and then follow the bigger lane lines around to your exit.  The street level images below show the google streetview van driver got it wrong by following the dots after he had joined his lane.  This is a common mistake.  The issue is that it is very tempting to try to follow the roundabout itself instead of the lane markings but you have to remember that the roundabout is designed to push you further away as you progress towards your exit

The roundabout to the right is the one near the test centre in shieldhall.  Note how, when approaching from the left, the road ahead, second exit,  is the middle lane but you must leave space throughout the roundabout for the vehicles in the lane turning right for the third exit.

The roundabouts below are spiral roundabouts in Glasgow Southside (There are very few spiral roundabout near Paisley).  Have a look at each and follow the lanes through.  Note that the last one has been repainted since so if you recognise it as the one at Silverburn, note that it is now a little different and that you would have to make sure to read the road markings on the approach.

Braehead roundabout streetview 1 Braehead roundabout streetview 1 Braehead spial roundabout Shieldhall test centre roundabout Ibrox spiral roundabout silverburn spiral roundabout pollockshaws spiral roundabout

Please check the videos of some of these roundabouts on youtube



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