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Problems with roundabouts often come because the driver has arrived at the roundabout before they have fully assessed it and therefore has to come to a stop when a stop is perhaps unnecessary. See this article on speed on approach


Assuming that we are approaching slow enought to resolve whether or not we have a gap, another issue that often arrises is where there is confusion with traffic that is coming from the right and has priority, yet the pupil proceeds because they are "in another lane".  We musn't think this way and give way to all traffic on the roundabout.  The car that is in the other lane may still be exiting at the next exit and you will still cross his path.


Remember that for road ahead and road off to the left, we should adopt a left lane as a rule.  If the left lane is a left only however and we don't realise in time, then don't do anything rash and go left.  This article on taking the safe option would be worth reading.  The exit number that we are taking does not dictate the lane to approach in.  An example would be take the road ahead, 3rd exit.  Don't use the right hand lane if it is available for road ahead.


When going ahead at a roundabout in the left lane, remember to keep left and not to encroach on the lane to your right as this may cause the driver in that lane to brake, even if you only move slightly.  Also beware of mistaking tar banding as a lane marker as this can cause issues with your road position.


Mini roundabouts should be treated the same way but signalling off the roundabout may not be required if it is too difficult.  Remember that larger vehicles will take a strange line through the roundabout.  A double mini roundabout is just two mini roundabout close together and we should treat them separately - be prepared to stop at each if required and take care to assess where your exit is and how to signal best on the approach as it is not always straightforward.


A spiral roundabout is where the lanes on the roundabout guide you off, or spiral you, to your exit.  It is therefore important to stick to the lane that you are in and if you picked the wrong lane on the approach, just do the safe thing and stick with it.  Some spiral roundabouts have dots guiding you to your lane and then normal lane lines on the way round.  Don't get confused by the dots after you have joined the roundabout and look for others who may get it wrong.  Please see here for spiral roundabout images

Images below are from Google Earth

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