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Traffic Lights

Amber light

The mistake many drivers make with traffic lights is treating an amber light as meaning "go if you can".  We must remeber that it means "you MUST stop if it is safe to do so".  This means that when approaching a green light, we must expect it to change to amber and be ready to stop so that we do not have to make a rash decision when it does.


This also means that we need to know whats going on behind us and if a car is too close, then we need to possibly slow a little on the approach so that we don't have to brake hard if it changes.  This does not however mean that we slow down when approaching the green light for no reason as this would frustrate others - just be ready to stop and if we are too close, then don't panic if it changes.


Filter Lights

A filter light may allow you to turn left before the other traffic.  If turning left, look for this on the approach and ensure that you don't stop so close to the light that you can't see it.  Many drivers forget its there and daydream waiting on the red light to change.  You may also find yourself in a left only lane by accident but remember you must turn left - don't try and change at the last minute.


Some filter lights will allow you to turn right with priority but they may only come on at certain times of day.  Don't make the mistake of waiting behind the line until it comes on as it may not come on and the light will go back to red!  You would also possibly miss opportunities to turn with gaps in the oncoming traffic.


If turning right and waiting in the junction to turn, don't assume that a red light means the oncoming cars will stop as they may have a filter allowing them to turn.  Finish your right turn when its safe but also remember to turn as soon as you can and not to hang around unnecessarily in the junction.

FilterRight FilterLeft

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