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Turn in the road

Observations are the most important part of any manoeuvre!


Remember that this manoeuvre is also about keeping the vehicle moving slowly and steering quickly.


Check all around before starting and remember the blindspot.  Move off slowly, steering briskly to the right and continue until close to the other side of the road.  Before stopping it is advantageous but not necessary to steer as much as possible back to the left.


Applying the handbrake any time the vehicle is stationary can help.


Before reversing, look up and down the road as well as over both shoulders behind you and remember to look backwards to the left when reversing and steering left.  Ensure that you have biting point before releasing the handbrake and remember to control the speed with the clutch and brake if necessary.  Gas should not be required.  Steer left, looking over left shoulder, on the way back until near the kerb and look over right shoulder to judge where kerb is.  At this point you can also steer right to prepare for moving off in first.  This step is where it can be difficult as there is a lot to do in a short space so good clutch control and use of the brake are important.


We have to look both ways before moving off and don’t forget that there may still be some work to do with the steering so keep the car moving slowly until you have it facing the correct way with the steering straightened.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t make the turn in three but this should be possible on most roads on the test.